Grecia Villa Zante lux1


Villa Zante lux1
In the splendid beach of Marathia, the building area in question, is of high landscape-naturalistic interest, as it is a National Marine Park for the reproduction of the Caretta-Caretta sea turtles and the Monacus-Monacus monk seal. It is considered the most beautiful residential area not only on the whole island, but among the most beautiful in all of Europe. Since January 2012, following the new urban planning law for the protection of coasts and marine parks, land with the characteristics required by the Greek government for the construction of residential or commercial buildings are practically non-existent.

The real estate investments made in this area, for the reasons just mentioned, are of international interest and are constantly revalued.

Each of the two villas has a private access road and its own land (Unit 3: 807 sq m and Unit 4: 1,520 sq m) + common areas. Private parking.

Surface of each unit: 125 square meters. + verandas and terraces spread over 3 floors, 70sqm open-space porch that can be divided between the two houses.

Possibility of transforming each villa into 2 separate apartments with independent entrances and stairs. The internal subdivision of the houses can be modified according to needs. Excavations have already been carried out for the future construction of the swimming pools (the cost of the swimming pools is not included in the sale price).

Requested price

The amount refers to the purchase of the properties in the state in which they are found at the end of the 3rd phase of the works in August 2022 (excavations, foundations and reinforced concrete structures completed, external perimeter walls in stone, roofing) and are valid until November 1, 2022, the date on which the works of the 4th phase will begin, i.e. completion.

A cost estimate with a local construction company for the complete construction of the works (“turnkey”) can be quantified for each individual unit. An expense specification is available.

Villa n. 3: € 350,000 (€ 400,000 / 420,000 complete “turnkey” construction, swimming pool excluded)

Villa n. 4: € 390,000 (€ 440,000 / 460,000 complete “turnkey” construction, swimming pool excluded)



  • Balcone
  • Barbeque


  • Brick
  • Rock
  • Wood

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